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Meet Me at The Valley - Shopping Punchcard

Make a purchase in any of the retailers at the Jefferson Valley Mall featured on this card and receive a sticker over their logo for your purchase. Make a purchase at 10 different stores to be entered into a quarterly raffle for a  $50 gift card to a store in the mall of you choice!!


Once you reach 10 stickers, fill out your information below and submit your completed card to Vintage & Vine located on the upper level across from H&M to be entered into the next raffle!


Try your luck for a larger, yearly $200 gift card prize if you submit  a FULL card!!


If a participating store is out of stickers or you have any problems, please bring your paid receipt and punchcard to Vintage & Vine and we will help!


Winners will be notifed via email and phone by April 5, July 5, October 5 and January 5 of each year. There is no limit to how many cards you can submit per quarter as long as each card has stickers from 10 stores.



Happy Shopping & Good Luck!

Mall PunchCard_FRONT.jpg
Mall PunchCard_BACK.jpg
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