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Succulent Care Guide

How to Care for Succulents

Watering Your Succulents

We follow the "soak and dry" method. Succulents like to have their roots soaked with water but then dry out completely. Avoid overwatering by only watering when soil is dry. Typically every 3-4 weeks.

We like to use these squeeze bottles to focus the water on the soil. 

 These are hardy little things and can thrive even if forgotten about for a few extra weeks.

Sunning Your Succulents

Our succulents are generally meant for indoor use because most do not last through our harsh winters here in zone 6b. They can be put outdoors in a covered area during the warmer months but should be brought in before the first frost. With that said succulents generally do best with a combination of direct and indirect sunlight - perfect placements are near a south or east-facing windows that get 3-6 hours of sun. Give a space a try - if you notice your succulent changing color or looking a little grim - try finding it a sunnier location. 

Overgrown Succulents

After a year or so of owning your arrangement, if your succulents are starting to outgrow their original container we offer a Rehoming service. Based on the size, we offer a flat rate to rehome your original plants into a new larger vessel of your choosing out of our available inventory. 

If repotting yourself, we recommend this potting soil for succulents.

If you like the current container and want it repotted with younger succulents we can do that as well! 

Get Rid of Bugs

While pests are rare for indoor succulents, occasionally you may have to deal with bugs. Gnats are attracted to damp soils. To get rid of gnats, their eggs and larvae, spray the soil with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. Mealybugs are another pest succulent owners have to deal with. Overwatering and overfertilizing are common attractors of mealybugs. Move infected plants away from other succulents and spray with

70 percent isopropyl alcohol.

Custom Arrangements

Do you have an old item you'd like Vintage & Vine to breathe new life into? We do custom orders! Send us a photo and dimensions of the item and we'll give you a pricing consultation for a custom arrangement.

Have an idea for an arrangement but don't have the piece? Let us know, we might be able to find something to fit your idea! 

Have a Question? We're Here to Help

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